I'm Bart Jacq. I'm a graphic designer and art director who likes words. I studied graphic design at the University of the Arts London and advertising at SVA in New York. I now live and work in Geneva.

As graphic designer, I look for balance, clarity, logic, systems, reasoning. As a writer and art director, I look for personality and tone of voice.

I am particularly praised for building brand visual identity, preparing 'look and feels', designing presentations, structuring work, keeping folders organized, naming files properly, and never presenting boring, ok, or - blasphemy - 'good enough' work. 

I have 7 years of professional experience in a wide range of graphic design tasks.

My experience allows me to consult, manage timelines, manage expectations, analyze and respond to feedback and make relevant (whose answer brings value) questions.  

I have designed sustainability reports (100pages+) for Dow Jones sustainability index industry leaders (companies with 90k+ employees), I have designed websites for small statistical analysis companies, academic events, music teachers, copy writers, and some other industries.

I worked a lot with B2B digital content marketing, leads, sales, and results. Infographics, landing pages, ebooks, you name it and I've done it all. With success.

In London I lead the design of campaigns that won nominations and awards in publications such as the Drum and PR world.

I also won a wood pencil from D&A, as a student, back in 2013.

And on top of all that, I'm nice and friendly. People generally like and appreciate working with me, and I typically like to work with them, back.