Designer and

Bart Jacq

Versatile and dynamic professional adept at designing, writing, and strategizing.

Thrives both independently and in collaborative settings. Possesses a seamless blend of creativity and pragmatism. Welcomes challenges and excels in bringing order to complexity. Committed to achieving clarity and balance in every endeavor.

Loves mixing impactful photography and clean typographic structure to create expressive layouts. 

Proficient in understanding and constructing design systems. 

Resilient and capable of leading extensive design projects or assisting in smaller tasks.

Balances humility with confidence and unwavering commitment. Ready to go above and beyond, dedicating the extra effort needed for success.

Known for being an inspiring collaborator, always willing to contribute and uplift the team.

Beyond design (and hiking) skills, possesses a keen curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Analyses new trends and constantly refreshes his Behance moodboards